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okay so pretend like the fangs are actually white and not concealer color… is this a cop out on fangs or is it actually cute?

i’m gonna be a bat i think

i tried to line them up with my teeth when i smile but i just did like in like 2 min sorry

I haven’t taken any selfies since i’ve lived in this apartment but hay heres me makin’ funny faces at my lil orchid i’ve been trying to keep alive

everything is great and i just finished a week of hell doing homework and i’m dating a really great guy and might go see the sunflower field today everything is great!!!!!

also we have ghostys on our doors which you can barely see but they’re there i promise

i have heartburn for the first time in my whole life and i’m peeling like a snake and a dentist appointment in like 20 min NOT SO HAPPY

pulled this shirt out of my hamper to wear it for like the 15th time grimey as fuck and don’t give a shit \m/

edit* this was also post 15,000 hey celebrating me having no life \m/